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"Celebrating 18 Years"
The "Past Supporting the Future"

black tiger logoThe Black Tiger Gridiron Alumni Club Mission

The mission of The Black Tiger Gridiron Alumni Club is to unite former Cuyahoga Falls High School football players, managers, coaches, and those who support Cuyahoga Falls football to make a positive contribution to the young men in the football program. The members will join together to support the team and provide financial assistance for the football program and scholarship assistance for a senior football player, senior band member and senior cheerleader who plan to continue their education.

Black Tiger Gridiron Alumni Club 14th Annual Golf Outing

Saturday, July 8, 2022

Mayfair Country Club
2229 Raber Road • Green, OH 44685

1:30 PM Registration and Lunch

2:30 PM Shot Gun Start




Team Member 1:
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Member 3:
Member 4:
Individual's Name

Pricing includes all beverages, lunch, dinner, prizes and
(of course) GOLF!

The Golf Outing helps the Club to continue supporting the Cuyahoga Falls Football Program and our scholarship program!!!!

Contact Mike Miller at to reserve your golf or sponsorship.

To learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities, click here!

Another example of your donations being used to help the Black Tiger Football Team!

The Gridiron Club Board was asked for a new “Chute”, a piece of equipment that helps football players get into the habit of staying low, which is very important in football. The existing chute was old and in bad shape and The Board was happy to approve his request.

We want to thank all of you for your generosity throughout The Gridiron Club’s 18 years supporting the Cuyahoga Falls Black Tiger Football Program.

Go Black Tigers!

The Black Tiger Gridiron Alumni Club Board of Directors

Mike Miller '99 - President
Ryan Clegg '02 - Treasurer
Paul Kunce '83
Jordon Sampson '03
Dan Young '73
Pat Zupanic '97
Cheryl Walters
Cissy Dombrowski


Todd Caruthers '81
Jerry Fiume '81
Barry Klein '83
Randy Caldwell '69
Terry Ross (Head Coach) '67-80

To contact any board member send an email to

Where Does Your Money Go?

All money raised through our donation program and events is used to operate the Gridiron Club and support the Black Tiger football program. Up to 80% of funds raised during the fundraising cycle (July 1st through June 30th) is donated to the current team. The balance is retained in the Akron Community Foundation, where the Gridiron Club has donor advised fund(s), to build up principal. Once $100,000 in principal is reached with the Akron Community Foundation fund, our goal is to put 80% of what we raise into the current football program. These thresholds can be re-evaluated with full Board of Directors approval.

The Board of Directors will continue to work closely with the head coach to determine how we can continue to assist the program (providing supplies, equipment, etc) in a way the head coach believes is necessary to help strengthen the program. The Gridiron Club will continue to supply snacks during summer two-a-day practices and provide Thursday night TEAM meals and pre-game meals each Friday night.

We want to fund the present and build for the future.

Donate Now
Help the Black Tiger football program by donating to the Black Tiger Gridiron Alumni Fund or provide a scholarship for a football graduate by donating to the Black Tiger Gridiron Scholarship Fund.